About us

The Branch

Since a few years, the car-hifi branch is in changing. Previously, the focus was on music and sound while now innovations, multimedia applications have become the ruling topic. Navigation, telephone, television, radio, movie, music and camera picture form a new branch with the name car-multimedia. In the early times of car-multimedia, mostly universal devices entered the market. But soon the customers wanted solutions which are integrated into the vehicles‘ factory infotainment with the possibility to control by factory buttons or other control elements like iDrive, MMI or touch-screen. For such implementations of after-market applications, many vehicle-specific or device-specific interfaces and adapter are required.

The Company

We comprehend ourselves as supplier of car-multimedia products, mainly in the European B2B-market. Our core business is the integration of after-market multimedia devices into existing factory infotainment by K-bus, CAN-bus, MOST-bus or OBD. Using interfaces and adapters, existing ports are enabled or new ports are created. Additionally we offer a wide range of mulimedia devices, such as navigation systems, monitors, DVD-players, DVB-T tuners, DAB+ tuners, rear-view cameras, parking sensors, video-in-motion and many more. Part of our service are intensive consulting and support for the installation of interfaces and adapters as well as resolving compatibility problems which can occur between multimedia devices of various manufacturers in various vehicle models.

Since 2011 the topics CAN-bus alarm systems and immobilisers, climate control for parking heater installations as well as mobile control and surveillance of these applications along with GPS tracking.

The Philosophy

We consider our task to be the intensive support of our customers, starting with the first buying advice up to the after-sales service. Our focus is on vehicle-specific integration of car-multimedia solutions which correspond to the customers‘ desire – not just the sale of single products.